That’s the word from my coffee mug that perfectly describes me! I’m pretty weird, I know, and I love it! I get to do me, being as strange as I want to be in telling you guys about this amazing love and attention I’m receiving from God.

Like on Saturday, I had the difficult job of trying to convince someone God has placed in my life to help out that they needed to go to the hospital’s emergency room. After the entire day of them refusing to go, I sat next to them on their sofa. As someone went out the door, I noticed the apartment number, “407” was my wedding anniversary, April 7. I said this to them as I sat reading articles on Google in regards to their condition and the urgency of the hospital visit. Within 10 minutes, a report on Google that I just happened to read was astonishingly also dated April 7, and I immediately knew it was a God wink, with Him revealing His invisible Presence with us there. I then felt Him saying to me to leave her for that night, and that His Spirit would be there to take care of her. I told her I’d be back to get her in the morning so that we could go then, and she amazingly agreed.

Fast forward the next day, we get to the emergency room, and I kept saying, “I get good vibes here, this feels good. They’re going to figure out what’s going wrong.” I kept saying, “I’m getting good vibes.” Then after they were settled in, I snuck out to go home for a little bit. I met my daughter in the driveway, and she complained of an issue in her car, so I took it for a quick spin. Getting back home, to turn off the car, I noticed her key for the house with the words “Good Vibes” printed on it. Again, that was God letting me know that His invisible Presence was with us.

And I know this seems weird that God would go through all this trouble to have me drive my daughter’s car (BTW, I found nothing wrong with it) just for me to see that key saying, “Good Vibes” after I kept saying it at the hospital, but that’s the love and attention I’m getting from Him. He constantly gives me signs that He’s with me and that I’m on the right track. This gives me such peace and joy knowing I’m not going through life alone, and He is with me. Are you feeling His invisible Presence with you?