Hehehe! That was the comment I got from a sweetie after she watched one of my videos. But as I explained to her, ‘tis the season for hard work! My new attire will be some uniform shirts with our company’s name and logo embroidered on them. Your girl here is in hustle mode, baby, and it ain’t always pretty. Yesterday that meant going between a tire and mechanic shop to prepare a vehicle for sale. And, let me tell ya, I was totally thrilled and full of joy doing so, feeling God’s Presence with me the entire time.

I’m beginning to love this challenge of getting our business back on track because it’s pushing me closer to God for His moment by moment guidance that I’m getting better at feeling through my spirit. And He lovingly finds ways to reveal glimpses of His Presence with me. Like on Friday, after being disappointed so many times by our usual supply guy, I made it a point to get what I needed, randomly calling companies through a Google search. I got in touch with a gentleman who said he couldn’t come to me, but I can meet him over by a specific place to purchase what I needed from his mobile truck. I go there, met up with him, and purchased exactly what I’ve been wanting to buy for weeks. Phew!

Fast forward to yesterday, and can you believe this customer showed up to trade in a car purchased exactly from this very specific location where I met the dealer supply guy that very day before. Off all the places this stranger had me to meet him, for this to be the dealership where this gentleman had purchased his last car from that he now wanted to trade in to us was a HUGE GOD WINK. No coincident! This was entirely orchestrated by God to let me know that His Presence is ALWAYS with me, as if saying, ‘Nik, I’m with you! I’m with You, I’m with you!’

“You seem very happy in the video,” another friend commented. I told her thanks and that I’m feeling like God’s girl – loved and approved by Him. No other love required. My alone times with God reading my meditation books, along with my morning runs, have brought me such joy and peace like no other in knowing that God is on my side, and He is my Helper in every aspect of my life. Today on that run, He whispered to me to make a crucial phone call, and I PAID ATTENTION. His sheep know His voice! Don’t mess around with your relationship with God. He is the ULTIMATE LIFE COACH, GUIDE, and HELPER! Wink! Wink! Say this prayer with me: ‘God, I want a closer walk with You! Amen!’ then make space in your life to hear from Him. As you seek Him, you will find Him.