The hurts, rejections, challenges, difficulties, disappointments, insecurities, frustrations, evil, awful and all the painful stuff that have come my way. These so called “bad” were exactly what I needed to become God’s girl. And now that I’m here, feeling sooooo close to Him, I’m sincerely thankful for them all. “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good.”In fact, yesterday was another HAPPY bawling crying day while listening to K-Ci and JoJo’s song, ‘All My Life’ as I sang these lyrics to God:“And all my life I’ve prayed for Someone like you (to love and accept me)
And I thank God (You!) that I, that I finally found You…
You turned my life around, you picked me up when I was down”The picking me up when I was down part was where the REAL crying began. Don’t ask me how He does it, but no matter how many times I fall, God is there to help me get myself back up, dust myself off, and to keep going, even stronger than before. Like I remember one time when I felt so hurt and rejected by someone, and I go to have an appointment with God when these messages showed up:“It’s hard to comprehend how much God loves us because we are all used to human love, we had to behave properly, and we had to do certain things to keep our relationships with people going. People blow you off when you don’t do things to please them as we know that conditional love, it lets you down…With God’s kind of love, it’s totally different, it’s awe inspiring….May I be lifted above the pain of rejection, as I remember that who I really am cannot be rejected. May God’s acceptance mean more to be than the acceptance of any person, for it is based on my true worth.”So, there I was, feeling so hurt, down and depressed like this person didn’t want me in their life again, and God’s invisible Presence shows up with this crucial message from Him to me: Nik, the real you, my child, can never be rejected. He picks me up when I’m down.I don’t want to be this bawling happy crying by myself, ya’ll! Tell God you want a closer walk with Him, too. My screensaver still has my reminder from Him, “I’m walking beside you.” I can go through the rejections, difficulties, and good times knowing I am never alone, God’s invisible Presence never lets go of my hand. Make time to have your appointments with Him, reading or doing anything spiritual that connects you with Him. I’m off to my run with Him!WEROLLWITHGOD.COM
“WE’LL WAIT FOR YOU”That was my daughter, Ember, to me this morning in regards to going out to a neighborhood food truck event this evening with her and her sister, Julie. Honestly, this made me feel so special that they actually want to hang out with their God maniac mama here. So, despite not wanting to break my diet, I will cherish every moment with these fantastic daughters God has brought into my life. God, I’m grateful!I’m importantly learning to be flexible, going to God in every moment asking, ‘What should I do here?’ Nik, go and enjoy the evening with your daughters!LIVE IN GOD, LIVE IN LOVE
ONE CHEAT MEAL A WEEK!That’s the deal I’ve made with myself! Food truck, here I come! But, the challnge today will be to eat less and enjoy later with the girls!“Let food be thy medicine!”