That was my hubs to me today! I was telling him how the girls and I were watching this TV show where a wife wants a divorce from her husband after she found out that he had an affair over nine years ago. I said to him that I was happy for the opportunity to speak to them about a critical value God has been teaching me: We’re to make allowances for human weaknesses and failures – ain’t nobody perfect!!! And let me tell ya, following God’s ways are sincerely working for your girl over here. People can call me stupid, crazy, or whatever they want, but being obedient to God, and not conforming to the ways of the world, has guided my life on an extremely beautiful path (HUGE SMILE). God, I’m grateful!

In fact, I just got all emotional speaking to hubby again a short while ago. He’s in Nigeria and I’m in the U.S., and because we’re in the car sales business, he suggested I drive a recent purchase. I explained to him that I’m sticking with the one he woke up early one morning to drive about an hour to buy for me. I said that it’s my reminder of how blessed I am to have him and our kids in my life – We’re not perfect, but we’re damn close!

Like I always say, I don’t want to keep all this awesomeness from God to myself. I feel He had my daughter, Julie, to surprisingly play this hit song from 1992 when I picked her up from school yesterday, a special invitation from Him:

“Come and talk to me
I really want to meet you
Can I talk to you
I really want to know you” – Come and Talk to Me, Jodeci

And He truly does want us coming and talking to Him and listening to HIS direction for our lives. He has the best plans! I feel like sometimes I may come off as a little braggadocios, but I’m really only bragging about God. He truly has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I may not be where I want to be, but I’m certainly not where I used to be – unhappy, insecure, starving for love, overweight, almost alcoholic, crazy lady! Talking to God about my frustrations, hurts, disappointments, anxieties, problems, challenges, rejections, failures, and insecurities has been invaluable to the point that I thank Him for all the negative experiences that have brought me closer to Him (ANOTHER SMILE).

Please, take Him up on this invitation: Come and Talk to Me. He is like a shy person waiting in the background of your life for you to notice Him. Give Him the pleasure of acknowledging His invisible Presence that is ALWAYS with you. Say this prayer with me: “God, I want a closer walk with You this year. Amen.”