I know a lot of what I write and talk about may seem as if I’m the silliest person in the world, but honestly, this God stuff has led my life on a very beautiful path. Let me tell ya, God’s ways are not our ways, but they’re always on point and so much BETTER. Wink! Wink!

Like a time I will never forget when hubby and I were having a huge disagreement. I finally went to God with it, asking what He had to say about the matter and I opened DIRECTLY to this in my meditation book:

“Although your opinion is good, if for God’s sake you leave it to follow another, it will be more profitable for you.” – The Imitation of Christ

I knew this was no coincident that I opened to this, but God directing me to go along with my husband in this matter. I did exactly that. I gave up what I wanted and went along with hubby, and everything ended up more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined. There I was fighting for days to have my way and just with that one sentence, God gave me His wisdom, and it worked.

That was years ago, but this advice is still working. I may lose many small battles here and there, but when I look at the BIG picture, your girl is a BIG WINNER all the way with God. Sometimes I complain to Him about stuff, but then I feel so silly afterward because I say I have NOTHING to complain about. Nothing. I have a great life. All thanks to God’s excellent guidance!

And I want you here with me. Allowing God to be the BIG BOSS of your life, going to Him in the 1,000 decisions you make every day asking for His will to be done. NOT EASY. But when you do follow Him with a joyful, ‘Yes, Father,’ He will lovingly guide you on the path He has for you — His plans for us are REAL GOOD. I loved this question from an appointment with Him this week:

“Don’t you know that I give far more than you expect. Haven’t you noticed this spiritually, materially?” – He and I

Me God, Me!!! I’ve noticed! And why I’m soooo sticking with You doing whatever is pleasing to You in every moment because you give me FAR more than I could even ask or think – protection, health, wisdom, guidance and LOVE!!! God, I’m on your team for LIFE, putting as much love as possible into everything I do, even the small stuff!