That was me joking with my hubby the other day! This marriage thing is no joke! But the great news is that God Himself is intimately involved in every aspect of our lives and He has become my wonderful Relationship Counselor. And His advice has led me on a path to a beautiful life, including finding the best husband in the world (SMILE).


In every moment, we can look to God for guidance and direction on what to say, what to do, where to go, I’m talking 24/7 guidance direct hotline to God. Like the other day, I wrote how I was afraid to get any more house staff after some awful recent experiences. If I had to wake up early to get washing, cleaning, ironing, and cooking done, no problem. They were that bad! And I decided to wait for God’s direction on what He would have me to do.

So, one morning, I’m in our kitchen, and the words “Call Vera” came clearly to mind. Vera is someone who has helped me in the past to find people to work, but feeling so hesitant of hiring anyone, I didn’t call her. That was until those words popped into my mind, “Call Vera.” I PAID ATTENTION and she sent me the following day a lady who has already began work and who I’m very impressed with. She shows up early, and she works very hard. But most importantly, OUR HOUSE IS AT PEACE. And PEACE for me means God is happy with HER being here.

After you get to know God, you’ll begin to know and understand His voice. “Call Vera” was definitely from Him and one of His magic solutions that He would have pop in my head when I have situations I need His help with. I KNOW HIS VOICE.

Sometimes it’s just a feeling. When I think about going in a particular direction and feel anxious or uneasy about it, I know its God saying, ‘DO NOT DO THAT!’ Versus peaceful feelings are Him saying it’s OK to make that move. The more I get to know Him through my alone times with Him, the better I know where He is guiding me.

The alone times are also where I learn the person He would have me to be in the world and that He is always there to help me. All day, I’m learning to keep my eyes FIXED on God. This gives me such joy and peace, knowing I have the Creator of the Universe as my incredible Guide and Mentor. Not to mention how He makes me feel so incredibly and unconditionally loved, approved of and accepted. No human love can compete with a love like His, let me tell ya! Are you getting to know God better?