Yesterday I was headed out for a little get together with the kids when I went to my husband’s office to say goodbye to him before leaving. While there, he had some challenges with something important we’re working on and I had to have another conversation with God: Do I say, ‘Sorry, sweetie, but you’re on your own with this!’ Or do I strive to be the faithful, supportive wife?’ The feeling from Him was to forget the party and help out hubby. And the kids went ahead without me!

Just an example of how I try to get God involved in every decision I make, always seeking to be the best person He would have me to be. Like I ALWAYS say, everything is between God and us and not between us and anyone else. Whether my husband is the worst husband or the best husband, my job is to SEEK God’s guidance on what HE would have me to do, and be obedient to Him. Full stop. Period.

This is the way to a life specially guided by God! Continually going to Him and paying attention to where our spirit/gut/intuition is leading us on a moment by moment basis.

Like I wanted to give up the posts for a little bit to focus on some other things for a while, but of course, asking God first as to what He would have me to do. Well, He answered me. Firstly, it was this morning asking my daughter, Julie, to have an appointment with God with me and of all the books I have on my phone for us to read together, she says to me, “Actually, mom, I just like reading your posts on Instagram.”

Then I go to see a client today and as soon as I arrived the receptionist says, “I just finished reading your post about your niece.” All God’s way of saying, ‘Nik, the posts must continue!” And I say, “Of course, Boss!’

God is always communicating with us, and I want us genuinely living in our God space we’re always giving our best, all for His glory! Being our most loving, forgiving, loyal, patient, diligent, going the extra mile selves. He’s with us in EVERY moment, guiding and directing us. That’s if we choose to listen and PAY ATTENTION.

I loved a God wink yesterday when I said to a customer who’s a bit anxious, “Stop stressing; GOD IS IN CONTROL,” and like an hour later, as I finally headed out to the party to meet up with the kids, a vehicle passed me with a bumper sticking saying, “GOD IS IN CONTROL.” Wink! Wink! As if God Himself was saying, ‘Nik, I am!’ When once again everything lined up STRANGELY too perfectly with God sweetly reminding me that He really is always with me and apart of EVERY conversation, every moment of my life.