WE NEED GOD!!!!This life is no joke!!! Let me tell ya! Yesterday was a rough one for me, but unbelievably, my son, Joshie, came to my rescue. He came close to me and said, “Mom, don’t forget you are the little girl holding God’s big hand.” It was a video we did together where I shared this story:“In a down moment yesterday, I had an appointment with God reading Day 209 from my book, Keep Calm, You’re Rolling with God, and this message showed up:“God has these unimaginable plans for our lives when we stick close to Him, not leaning on our own understanding. Is this hard listening to God and following his nudges and cues as to what He would have us to do? Yes, in fact, it takes supernatural strength at times (exactly me now because the crazy lady is ready to come out!!!). I love a cartoon picture with a little girl walking along a path with a huge hand holding her little hand with the caption: “IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?” (ROMANS 8:31)Fast forward two minutes later, I then went to my meditation book, Jesus Always, which is written as if God is speaking directly to me, and it incredibly said:“IF I AM FOR YOU, who can be against you?””God is pretty talkative once you get to know Him! And this was Him speaking directly to me less than two minutes after reading that verse in my book, as if saying, ‘Nik, why are you down, my sweetie? You know I got you!’ See the love I experience from Him! The love that He and I both want you guys to feel for yourselves.This morning, your girl was out running in the dark so that I could be present to help my sons get ready for school and get a much earlier start on my day. God’s new way of talking to me is through Apple Music. I promise you with all my heart, He HIMSELF had this song lined up on my phone, as it simply started playing on its own when I started my Nike Running Club app, and I played it repeatedly for the entire run:“Ain’t nobodyLoves me betterMakes me happyMakes me feel this wayAin’t nobodyLoves me better than youAt first you put your arms around meThen you put your charms around me…Got a feeling most with treasureAnd a love so deep we cannot measure” – Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) by Felix JaehnAs I said, God is pretty talkative once you get to know Him! Again He was reminding me, ‘Ain’t nobody will love you you better than me, Nik! Forget about this human love!’ And with a love like that’s so deep we cannot measure, I can go through life bringing God joy in all my actions by staying on the high road with Him no matter what anyone else is doing (loving and forgiving extravagantly, baby, knowing my reward is with God). Even when its super difficult, His Divine love meets my ordinary human love to help me with the super difficult stuff He asks of me. The same thing when the troubles come, I can manly and confidently hold on to His big hands and say:“IF GOD IS FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?” (ROMANS 8:31)


“YOU SHOULD TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE!”That was my daughter, Julie, last night! I explained to her that writing the posts is easy, but living them is not so easy. Let me tell you, yesterday I had a minor breakdown crying with her. But no shame, they turned out to be tears of joy because God found a way to come and comfort me to tell me know that as I take on some complicated stuff, His Presence was right there standing with me. GOD STRONG, BABY!So, there I was venting to Julie that I was obsessing about the wrong things AGAIN. Like all day, I keep replaying the same crazy stuff in my head OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Angry. Hurt. Sad. Frustrated. But that I needed her help always to catch me when I’m doing that and say, “Mom, stay focused.”Ten minutes later, Apple Music randomly selected this song for me:“Cause it’s all in my head I think about it Over and over again And I can’t keep Picturing you with him And it hurts so bad Yeah, ’cause it’s all in my head I think about it Over and over again I replay it Over and over again And I can’t take it (Yeah) I can’t shake it, no” – Over and Over by NellyFor Apple Music to randomly play this song for me minutes after my conversation with Julie describing precisely how I replay the same hurtful thoughts over and over again in my head, was no coincidence. My sadness became tears of joy that GOD HIMSELF was there with me as I tackle this messy stuff for my family. The joy of the Lord is our strength! That I can focus on God’s love with me and NOT the craziness in my head. Woohoo!!! “Our eyes are on the prize, baby girl!” was the conversation Julie and I had this morning. Forget all that junk going on in the background of my life. I’m letting it go and leaving it with God. I’m up early today with a renewed energy looking for inventory for our business after my sons came to work with me on Saturday and helped us sell two cars. The family hustle is on! Told y’all, God is the best therapist! Don’t miss out on a closer walk with Him, where He will find all these sweet ways to let you know that His invisible Presence is always with you. That we can JOYFULLY AND COURAGEOUSLY take on whatever life throws our way with Him by our sides. The battles belong to Him! It’s just for us to involve Him in every decision we make, seeking to be our best selves, all for His glory! Amen!


“DON’T BE EMOTIONAL”That was the great advice from my brother/angel, Kevin, pictured here with me in a day your girl here was boiling angry. Here’s what he wisely explained:“Yes, Nikki. Whatever you have to do, however, you have to adjust. Just be a chameleon (a lizard that knows how to adjust its color to blend in with its environment). If the surface turns brown, you turn brown. Adjust with life (go with the flow, is how I put it!). Don’t fight it. And trust me when I tell you this, sometimes you’re in a position where you have to do certain things to get things done. You have to sit down and realize that you are in this position; you’re in this situation. Now you be smart enough to deal with it. Know how to deal with it. Strategize. Don’t be emotional. Emotions get you nowhere but upset. Put emotions in the back and do what you gotta do.”And I have done precisely that! Emotions, I got no time for you! I’m back focused on essential matters like bringing you closer to God! Wink! Wink! Kevin and I have teamed up to be Rockstars for God. His Godly wisdom and my craziness go perfectly together to hopefully teach you and me some crucial lessons from God Himself. A year ago, he said he wanted me to be a wise woman. I told him last night that I wanted to take the entire world along with me. I love this old post:“I FINALLY GET IT!!!At every moment, we have God’s love, power, generosity, strength, wisdom, patience, charm, personality, influence, Spirit, angels, warmth, and friendship backing us up. Are you guys getting this???? God is intimately involved in every nanosecond of our lives, just waiting for us to remember that, although invisible, He is there with us. SWEET!!!”Like this situation that made me so angry. When I put a God perspective on it, He challenged me through an appointment with Him to resist ALL evil with an even stronger commitment to love, goodness, and faithfulness. I’m upping my game for God, baby! I’m using all the messiness in my life to motivate myself to RISE HIGHER in all aspects. What was meant for my harm, I’m using it for my good and the good of the entire world when I share the incredible lessons with you guys. Devil, you won’t put me to shame; I will put you and your people to shame! HEEHAW!!!““Whether you eat, or drink or do anything else, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Cor. 10:31Reflection: Even secular things can and should be enlisted in the holy service of God. Put your whole life, even your joys, into the cup of right intention, and then EVERYTHING will contribute to the glory of God and obtain a blessing for you (even this anger God will use to bless me as I use it as fuel to put more goodness in the world)! Do I begin each day in this spirit?Prayer: Lord, bless everything I think, say, do and SUFFER, so that it may acquire eternal value.” – Minute Meditations for Each DayMay we all RISE HIGHER together. Amen.



I asked my brother/angel, Kevin, at our Sunday brunch today? I’ve accepted the tough assignment from God to go through some messy personal storms but to come through them with new wisdom from the Almighty God perspective to report back to you guys. Not an easy task, but for this God who is doing so much for me, I say, “No problem! Bring it on!” Kevin told me that he wants me to work on being wise, so, in all the difficulties that come my way, I ask one crucial question: ‘God what are you trying to teach me here?’ In anger, distress, anxieties, frustrations, and humiliations, I ask what I can take from the experience to be better, stronger, and wiser. This time, the big lesson was… (drum roll please!!!):


Meaning I can forgive without punishing the parties that have hurt me. I can overlook, ignore, cover the offense as if it never happened. Tough one when the crazy lady wants to show herself feeling she has every reason to make an ugly appearance. But mercy is a significant value God wanted to include in my wisdom guide book. God went as far as explaining why this quality of mercy was so important. One of the kids was watching a show, and I heard a character say, “You sacrifice for the greater good.” I can wisely choose my battles and say this unnecessary and useless one here is not worth fighting so I can wisely use my time and energy to win this bigger one. Knowing the battles that are worth fighting and the ones that are not. That’s wisdom, baby!

And the battles worth fighting are in this picture with me. I will wisely use my time and energy to be the best mom possible. That also includes being the best wife possible to the best husband in the world. He deserves our overwhelming love, appreciation, and respect, is what I tell our kids. God said I should not waste words on people who deserve my silence. I still stick with this song I played for him repeatedly when he came to visit me in the Bahamas for the second time twenty years ago:

“One… you’re like a dream come true
Two… just wanna be with you
Three… it’s plain to see that you’re the only one for me
And four… repeat steps one through three
Five… make you fall in love with me
If ever I believe my work is done
Then I’ll start back at one” – Back At One, Brian McKnight

Our families are essential to God. Let’s be the wise, merciful, patient, going the extra mile in love, patience, gentleness, and forgiveness, covering the offenses of others, all for the glory of God. Can we do that for Papa God, who is doing so much overlooking of our sins and mistakes? He loves us all unconditionally no matter how many times we fall. Can we do the same for others? As for me… I’m back at one. Ride or die chick, my boo/aka better than best husband.


That’s my new perspective, baby, after FALLING A LOT RECENTLY. Your girl is back, focused more than ever on being the wife, mother, and person God HIMSELF would have me to be. This is another example of the sweet life with God. That even in our weaknesses, failings, setbacks, and mistakes, we can use them to help us bounce back even better, wiser, stronger, and happier than ever before. Heehaw! God kept saying to me in my low moments through my alone times with Him, ‘Nik, even when you feel good for nothing, give me your nothing. Didn’t I create the world from nothing?’

What kind of love is this? A love that I want you to get to know for yourself. He is with us in our high moments AND our extremely low ones. HE IS WITH US ALWAYS. He honestly makes me feel as if I’m His favorite girl in the entire world with the love and attention I receive from Him.

Like the other day, dropping Julie off at a friend’s house, I decided to stay in the car to have an appointment with God. It was 54 minutes past the hour, so I decided to go to page 54, and God used this old post there to let me know that HE WAS IN THE CAR WITH ME:

“He (God) figured out a way to let me know that His Presence was INDEED with us IN THAT CAR. Fast forward a few hours, I’m in bed trying to sleep. But because my body clock still has not adjusted to the Nigerian time zone, I couldn’t. I then decided to listen to Rich Roll’s podcast, but for some reason it refused to play. I then go to listen to Bel Air’s Church’s, and boom, it surprisingly worked. However, the one that played, I ended up changing to play another episode. Listen to what the Pastor unbelievably says a couple of minutes into that other sermon: “We CAN imagine that God is in the same room OR THE SAME CAR WITH US…” Wink! Wink!

Sitting in that car and reading that was God coming to me in one of my low moments. I immediately felt so much stronger, feeling God’s sweet Presence with me. Later on, that afternoon, having another low moment, He showed up again. I had just helped a customer get insurance on a vehicle she was purchasing from us, and the payment worked out to $311 per month for two cars. Maybe 15 to 20 minutes later, I’m on the phone with my husband, turning into the crazy lady. I looked up exactly from where I was standing talking to him, when God had me to look up at a price per gallon of gasoline directly in front of me saying $3.11. This lined up too perfectly to be some ordinary coincidence. I knew this was God’s way of saying, ‘NIKKI, STOP!!!!’ I instantaneously smiled with God, knowing this was His way of reminding me to be SILENT. The battles belong to Him! Wink! Wink! I caught myself and quickly apologized to hubby for getting crazy on him.

Speaking to hubby today, though, I told him I’m going with my brother’s advice:

“Neeks, enjoy your gorgeous life. You have a husband who takes great care of you and your children. He respects you. What more can you ask for?” Like Victoria Osteen taught me, I MUST GET GOOD AT COVERING THE OFFENSES OF OTHERS. Ain’t nothing perfect! And with God showing me such love, I have such GREAT FAITH that no matter what happens, God HIMSELF will always be there for me, even when others disappoint me. My security rests in God!

My eyes are now on God and the prize He has in store for my life, even when walking through painful situations. Moment by moment, I ask God to help me to be the wise, strong, calm, loving, steady, loyal, self-controlled wife, mother, and person He would have me to be. I follow His leading, seeking His advice ultimately. God gives us more than we can ask or imagine when we stick with Him! We keep going, guys, all for the glory of God. Love never gives up.

“Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart.” – Proverbs 3:3



This was from my daughter, Julie, yesterday driving home from work together. We have pretty much sold out of cars, including my fav from God, a white Audi Q5, and so I had to get a ride home with her. But, God used that ride together for good. I got home, and I was so depressed to know that my daughter had been seeing the sadness in me. I went to bed all down. But then God showed up!
It was 8:18 and I went to page 81 of our family’s website, and an old post showed up, incredibly entitled:
There I was going to bed so upset at myself that my daughter thought I should see a therapist, and God showed up to let me know His Presence was right there with me. No way this was a regular coincidence for me to go to that page at that specific time. It was all God revealing His fun personality and invisible Presence. Nik, I am always with you! (HUGE SMILE) Here’s what I had to say in that post from over a year and a half ago, and exactly what I said to Julie yesterday: GOD IS MY THERAPIST:
Someone suggested to me yesterday. But let me tell you, I have the ULTIMATE THERAPIST: GOD. He has been my Wonderful Counselor who has guided my life to a lovely place, no smoking, drugs or alcohol needed. Thank you very much! It’s not always pretty, though, and there are some tricky things I have to endure for Him, but no problem. For this God who is doing 10,000 things for me in one moment, I say, “ANYTHING FOR YOU!” even the things I struggle deeply with, I can say, ‘God, I got You!’ I’m a soldier in the army of the Lord!”
Like the customer I sold my Audi to told me this week, “God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers.” That’s me, baby! I had about 4 hours of sleep last night between washing uniforms for my sons, cleaning our house, and working between our two businesses, with a renewed strength and energy feeling God so close to me to have me go to that old post when He knew how awful I was feeling at that moment.
That’s why it’s my joy to share this great news with you guys! This life is too hard to handle without God. WE NEED HIM. Your girl here has decided to use all the negativity and EVIL that comes my way as fuel and motivation to put as much goodness in the world. I’m stepping up my game to be even a better wife, mom, and person, all for His glory! I’m even getting Julie involved with the family GOD business letting her know as we work for Him, He is seriously working for our family! No one pays us, but the rewards from God are off the charts!!! Just knowing His Presence is with us as we take on difficult things is a HUGE blessing. AMEN!!!
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9
PLEASE ORDER FOR ME A BRADY SWEATSHIRT!I’m such a huge Tom Brady fan who has inspired me to take on my life like a professional athlete. What I eat, how I exercise, and even lately to be mentally tougher. Your girl is back beating her head with a stick asking God to help me FOCUS on the battles He would have me to take on and the ones to leave with Him!Before fasting, I make sure suck down a big jar of my awful tasting fruit and veggie smoothie and some fruits for added nutrition to take on my day. For dinner, I make sure have a huge serving of salad or veggies, some protein and a carb like my fav brown rice.“LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE THY FOOD”


That was me apologizing to my husband today. It was a song playing on the radio as I drove to work that was my reality check:

“Grateful I had all the patience
I know you going through some changes…
Ooh, no, we ain’t perfect, but we damn close” – Dangerous by Meek Mill

I’m back to being Nikki So Patient! I told hubs that whatever we go through, we’re going to go through it together, by the grace of God. And let me tell ya, this patience thing is working for me! My daughter, Julie got her admissions letter to the same top university in New York as her sister, Ember, with a scholarship of $116,000, baby! That’s how we do, boo!!! God asks us sometimes to carry some difficult crosses for Him, but anything done for God is abundantly rewarded. He doesn’t disappoint when we stick with Him!

God teaches me these values in my appointments with Him: faithfulness, endurance, loyalty, going the extra mile in love, mercy, forgiveness, goodness, self-control, discipline, patience, peace, joy, and gentleness. This is how He guides us on the path to the best life with Him. Not that we get it right all the time, but we keep at it, practicing to always stay on the high road with God. Super hard at times, but also super worth it.

“Go easy on me,” Julie asked me one day. I could be a bit too rough sometimes, and God has been nudging me to be a little gentler in my interactions with others. Super tough when the crazy lady wants to make an appearance, but listening and being obedient to God is where I want us all in the 1,000 decisions we make every day. God’s guidance is the best! This means slowing down and listening to Him before doing anything. That’s called being wise. Wink! Wink!

And speaking of being wise, I have to thank my sister-in-law, Aima, for all the thoughtful advice she has given me lately about being a more intelligent woman. She has encouraged me to up my game with our businesses and work on staying focused on critical areas of my life, like being the best mom to my kids, who are counting on me to be my best self for them and forget about all the silly stuff. My eyes are back on the prize! God help us all to be the FOCUSED people He would have us to be! Amen!